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We offer marriage counseling in Houston, TX. Houston marriage counseling provided by Dr. Richard Ermalinski. Also offering marriage counseling in Sugar Land, TX and marriage counseling in Richmond, TX and Missouri City, TX.

We proudly serve clients in Sugar Land, Missouri City, Richmond, Bellaire and surrounding cities.

When marital problems become overwhelming, there are THREE OPTIONS TO CHOOSE FROM.

FIRST, there is the option of divorce.

SECOND, is to hold things together as best as you can and struggle to survive in your marriage. On this course, things may get a little better or a little worse but the fundamentals of the marriage won't change.

THIRD, involves working to move your marriage in a direction which will lead to increasingly higher levels of marital satisfaction and contribute greatly to personal happiness.

I ENCOURAGE COUPLES TO EXPLORE THE THIRD OPTION. Choosing this option is particularly important when minor children are involved, most of whom will experience strong negative consequences from the fracturing of their family. Even adult children no longer living at home can have their faith in relationships shaken when they see their parents set an example of marital failure. In addition, there is the considerable financial cost of the divorce attorneys and the divorce process, as well as the likely loss of friendships, etc.


Examples of Couples I See:

  • Couples who are deciding whether to divorce.
  • Couples in crisis, e.g., an emotional/sexual affair has been discovered.
  • Couples who have been immersed in long standing emotional/sexual gridlock.
  • Couples where one or both experience numbing or a lack of emotional connection.
  • Couples who can't seem to increase their level of friendship or intimacy.
  • Couples unable to communicate about issues central to their lives, (i.e. money, sex, child rearing, etc).
  • Couples planning to divorce but want to avoid a divorce war by taking a win-win approach to custody, parental rights and community property issues.
  • Individuals who want to improve their marriage while their spouse is unwilling to participate in a course of marital therapy.
  • Couples preparing for marriage who want to get on the same path.

If you can say yes to the questions below, you will have a head start. 

  • Are you open to the idea that your own attitudes and behaviors are affecting your relationship?
  • Are you willing to be happy rather than to be right?
  • Would you like to share a common understanding with your spouse about how to make decisions together, how to deal with conflict, and how to discuss emotionally loaded topics?
  • Are you tired of just patching things up, learning to cope, handle, or deal with issues in your marriage instead of resolving them?
  • Do you feel you are ready to "show up" more in your marriage?

Beginning Therapy:
At the first session I will spend time with each person individually. This will allow each person individual time with me to convey their concerns. The session will continue with the three of us meeting together. We will reach a collaborative agreement about the major issues to be addressed, desired goals and the course of marital therapy. My style is highly interactive and I give clearly communicated assignments. Most couples leave the first session with a sense of direction and increased stability. My goal is not only to help couples overcome their present difficulties but also to provide them with a shared marital framework that will be useful throughout their entire lives.

I offer Marriage counseling in Sugar Land TX as well as to the surrounding area. SugarLand marital therapy, Houston marital therapy. For appointments call Bonnie or Vanessa at 281-242-0777.

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